Expenses Happen

Our Loans

Let us help you find the right loan to lend a hand. We’ve categorized our loans below to assist with your selection.

Soft Loan

In the event of emergencies a Soft Loan with competitive terms may be best suited to your immediate need.

CALL: 1-868-612-4728

Personal Loan

This is a loan granted twice the amount of the member’s share capital.

CALL: 1-868-612-4728

Vehicle Loan

For a competitive loan for either a new vehicle or used/roro, click below or give us a call.

CALL: 1-868-612-4728

Share Incentive Loan

Enhance your wealth creation drive, while providing cash resources to our membership.

CALL: 1-868-612-4728

Documents Required

  • 2 Valid forms of photo identification
  • Pay slip (not more than 1 month old). Persons who are self-employed must show proof of income
  • Proof of current mailing address (e.g. recent utility bill)
  • Completed and signed loan application form
  • A member no less than six (6) months

Vacation and Leisure Loan

To assist with travel expenses for your local, regional or international vacation. Book your flight today!

CALL: 1-868-612-4728

Budget Loan Organizer

Take care of all your recurring annual expenses. We’ll pay your bills directly, for any value, when they become due.

CALL: 1-868-612-4728

Christmas Loan

To assist with your miscellaneous expenses during the Christmas season. Loans available from the first week in November.

CALL: 1-868-612-4728

The Loan Process

  • Original documents must be submitted upon request in support of application
  • Attend an interview as requested by Credit Committee or Loans Officer (lasting approximately 30-45 minutes)
  • Other supporting documents may be required

Equity Loan

Build your investments with Real Estate.

CALL: 1-868-612-4728

Education Loan

Get cash for school fees, books, school supplies and for any other educational demands.

CALL: 1-868-612-4728

Back Pay Loan

Invest your Back Pay into your Share Account and earn great returns on dividends PLUS get an INSTANT loan up to THREE TIMES your new share balance.

CALL: 1-868-612-4728

Carnival Loan

Get the cost of your tickets and costumes covered for any local, regional and international Carnival with PCU.

CALL: 1-868-612-4728

Consumer Loan

Credit facility to all members wishing to purchase consumer goods at any of our branch locations.

CALL: 1-868-612-4728

Member Requirements

  • All members who have held Membership with the TTPCU for a minimum of six (6) months shall be able to utilize the loan facilities in excess of his/ her share savings.

**With the exception of Christmas/ Share Incentive Loans. No waiting period is necessary to access either of these loans.

  • New members will not be eligible for any loan exceeding his/her membership until 6 months.
  • Members must be in good standing and not be in arrears or have any delinquent payments after obtaining any other loans via TTPCU.

PCU Welcome Loan

Start building your credit history with an easy to access, affordable loan facility designed for new and inactive members.

CALL: 1-868-612-4728

Free Yourself Loan

Free yourself from your current personal expenses and debts (both internal and external) into one monthly payment while reducing your Debt Service Ration

CALL: 1-868-612-4728

PCU Wedding Loan

Say I Do with the PCU Wedding Loan!

CALL: 1-868-612-4728

Fully Secure Loan

If you’re serious about saving and securing the future of your family, this is the loan product for you.

CALL: 1-868-612-4728

Dividend Multiplier Loan

Multiply Your Money with the PCU Dividend Multiplier Loan.

CALL: 1-868-612-4728

E-Loan Application

Access any of our loan facilities via the E-Loan portal